Howdy! As you jump into the forum, please be sure to introduce yourself and say hello.


Hi I’m Phil!

I work in the street team providing Toolkit tech support, and my time is mostly spent between working on support on tickets, forums, client calls/visits, working on documentation, small TK development tickets, and endlessly throwing the ball for my dog.

I started my career as a 3d generalist, but later moved on and become a Pipeline TD, and rigger, before coming to work at Shotgun. I worked mostly in automotive visualization but did spend some time working in VFX.


:wave: I’m Johnny - community manager for Shotgun. I live and breathe Discourse these days. It’s delicious.

I’ve been with the Shotgun team for 7+ years and held a handful of different roles over that time: Street Team, Product Owner, Video Producer, Content Designer, and now Community Manager.

I’m focused on helping connect the community with the Shotgun team. We haven’t done such a great job of that in the past. Let’s fix it. :hammer:

Before joining the Shotgun team, I worked in vfx/animation and sports media production. Started as an editor, then effect sim TD, and finally producer. I had the most fun as a producer-type. I love tracking all the small pieces of a project and seeing them come together for wild, unstoppable success (or a better v2 :stuck_out_tongue:).

Who’s next?!?


Hi there!

My name’s Tannaz! I’m a Toolkit specialist on the Shotgun Street Team. I’ve been the team for about 3 years, answering tickets, writing docs (I really like writing docs), hosting webinars, chatting with all you folks, then turning around and chatting with our engineers.

Before Shotgun, I was a pipeline TD in vfx and feature animation for many years, where I developed a passion for efficient pipelines and making my technical contribution to the creative process.

I live in sunny Los Angeles, and outside of work, have keen interests in food, music, and languages. Oh, and growing vegetables! Here’s a tomato I grew:

Very excited to get to learn more about our users in this forum!

[Happy, @johnny.duguid??]





That’s one fine :tomato: right there.

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I’m Matt. I help wrangle, cajole, and constantly learn from the Street Team. As the manager, I frequently find myself talking to clients, pitching in when needed, and prompting people to run with their brilliant ideas.

I live in the Bay Area, play guitar fairly well and sing very poorly at a weekly open mic. I spent about 18 years in VFX and Animation before joining Shotgun several years ago.

I look forward to engaging with the Shotgun Community - so bring it on!


:metal: Pleased to meet you, I won’t make you guess my name!

I’m Bryan, and part of the content team here at Shotgun. I’m particularly interested in how you learn about Create and the other review tools, and am here to help you in any way I can. Prior to joining the Shotgun team, I worked with the Autodesk Flame team for 10 years, and I have a great appreciation for the passion our clients have. Originally from Montreal, I know live and work in Toronto :canada:.


Hi all!

I’m Alexa, one of the two support engineers on RV. Besides RV, you may find me helping with Create or media and review support. I’m a relatively new member of the team (celebrating my first year in September!) but it doesn’t mean that I lack expertise or enthusiasm! I’ve previously worked at mostly VFX studios and EA on media pipelines, editorial, show support, infrastructure, render support and so much more!

I live in the not-so-sunny-yet-beautiful PNW, specifically south of Seattle. Outside of work you can usually find me in the mountains or training my Australian shepherd pup. My other interests include drawing/painting, gardening, playing piano/guitar and most recently woodworking!

I’m always happy to help! I’m so so excited to be part of this vibrant, diverse community!


Hello! I’m Shayna and I’m on the Street Team. My first day with Shotgun was SIGGRAPH 2012. While traditionally you’d find me talking to Clients, helping steer towards best practices, you may find me creating workflow videos these days that help steer teams on how to use Shotgun for success—so be on the lookout for those :film_strip:!

I live near Denver Colorado with my family of three, while previously I lived in the Bay Area where I worked in VFX/Animation Production for a few years prior to joining the Shotgun family.

I look forward to being a part of this amazing community!


Heyo! I’m Beth of the Street Team. Like Shayna, my first day was SIGGRAPH 2018 - a true whirlwind into to this amazing team who is 100% dedicated to our clients. I focus primarily on client support, community, ways of making clients work lives easier through training, workflow and documentation. (Tannaz and I share our nerdy love of writing great documentation :nerd_face:)

Prior to Shotgun I worked as an Artist/Animator in gaming and TV, then moved onto Production in VFX, then more directly with Shotgun Supervision in VFX (plus a bunch of other random things along the way including front desk at a major hotel chain - now that was interesting!).

The beautiful West Coast of British Columbia is my home and I love anything nature, art & design, homespace, and getting my hands dirty on a project. Oh, also, my dog Boo, a small chocolate brown poodle who will steal your heart :heart_eyes:

See you out there!



Hey everyone - I’m Jessica from the Street team! :wave:

I’m proud to say I’ve been a part of this awesome Shotgun team for about two years now. When I joined the team, I brought about 12 years of production experience in live action, commercials, VFX, stereoscopic, and episodic animation with me.

I was really lucky to get introduced to Shotgun very early in my career, and I’ve been passionate about it ever since :nerd_face:. I get super stoked helping teams use Shotgun to implement more efficient workflows in order to make their lives easier.

I’m originally from Kentucky (and I do love bourbon and horses! :tumbler_glass: :racehorse:), but my job has taken me to San Francisco, and now the beautiful Vancouver, BC. In my spare time, you can usually find me cooking and eating something tasty :woman_cook:, and I love hunting down new and amazing places to eat when I travel.

I’m looking forward to interacting with all of you in our rad Shotgun community here!



@Beth, I did not know this about you! :eeexcellent: Will keep this in mind so I can capitalize on it later…


Hi everyone. :wave: Name’s Patrick. You can also just call me Pat.

As of this writing, I’ve been lucky to be part of Shotgun for the past 7 years. I’m a member of the Street Team and am a technical support point person specializing in most things Shotgun web app. Before Shotgun, I worked in production for almost 14 years as a junior compositor, 3D generalist and then TD for the greater part of that time.

I love tackling gnarly technical issues and have fun reading database query performance reports :nerd_face:.

I live a few minutes south of balmy Montréal, Canada where I enjoy running :running_man:, paddle boarding :surfing_man:, snowboarding :snowboarder: and boot camp/functional training/weightlifting :weight_lifting_man: .

Also, I may or may not have written the Shotgun Event Daemon a lifetime ago so depending on how you feel about that tool, you’re welcome or I’m sorry. :wink:

I can’t wait to engage with everyone here!



Hello Shotgun Community! I’m Tommy, one of the managers on the Street Team. I’ve met many of you over the years, but I’m super excited to connect with old friends and new ones via this sweet new community platform.

Shotgun stole my heart long before I joined the team on Valentine’s Day in 2012 - I used Shotgun in my past life as a Production Manager / 1st AD for CG and stop-motion animated films. I was so happy to find a tool that was built for what I needed to do, to schedule and track a massive 3+ year animated film project. And I started on Shotgun 1.x…we’ve come a long way since then!

In January of 2019, I moved with my wife and 4yo son from Portland, Oregon, USA, to Madrid, Spain. It’s been an awesome adventure so far - it has been great connecting with new faces across the pond, and seeing all the amazing work being done by studios in Spain and across Europe. I’m happy to provide a new local resource to help our clients here, as we haven’t had support staff in the southern EU before now.

Please reach out if you are in :es: or nearby, I’d love to meet you - ya hablo un poco de castellano tambien. :slight_smile: I also focus on helping studios adopt Shotgun, either when first getting into the software, or when expanding it to different people and departments around the studio, so please reach out if you could use some help with that. Additionally, I’ve been talking to a lot of schools, training programs, and students lately to see what we can do to better help our EDU users. Come join the EDU forum here if you are interested in that topic as well. Let’s talk!

Saludos y bienvenidos,


Hi all!

My name is Armando, but I’m better known as Doc.
I started using Shotgun when it was still in private beta back in late 2009, it was love at first sight.

It’s been quite a journey, after quitting the company I helped bring to life, I joined Ollin VFX as the General Manager and VFX Producer, and of course, in Shotgun we trust.

I’m glad to join this community, and I hope to contribute and learn a lot.


Hi everyone

My name is Jacob…

I am the Pipeline Supervisor at a brand new Studio called Untold Studios. We opened our doors October last year…

One of the main reasons for us to adopting Shotgun was ‘People’. We’ve been really please with the many Shotgun team members we’ve had the opportunity to meet since the beginning…

Glad to be part of this community…



Welcome Doc! You are a pillar of the Shotgun Community. :slight_smile: Thanks for joining the forums!


Welcome Jacob! Untold is doing some really exciting stuff, stoked to have you as part of our community. :smile:


Hey gang,

My name is Rob, I’m Pipeline Supe at Giant Animation in not-so-sunny Dublin, Ireland! Looking forward to this forum taking flight, it’s a great idea.