Forum Friday | Ciao ciao 2019!

Hey there :shotgun: community—let’s wrap up the decade with one more Forum Friday!

With this Forum Friday, I’m excited to recognize and share some awards for outstanding moments in community in 2019.

First up—thanks to every. single. one. of. you. who’ve been part of the new forum launch and helping kick start our revamped community efforts this year! Everyone who has registered with the forum prior to this post will be awarded the Year One badge.

Thanks for being part of the party! :partying_face:

Next—I’d like to call out and thank a select few for going the extra step by sharing their expertise, guidance, and time:

A brief reminder on what Forum Friday is:

It’s a day where members of the Shotgun Team will be posting in the forums all day, ready to answer your questions, and talk Shotgun. Think of it as an “Ask Me Anything” session with our team and other members of the SG Community.

When: Friday, December 13, 2019
Starting: 9am New Zealand Standard Time
Ending: 5PM Pacific Standard Time
Where: Here!
Who: Anyone and everyone!

If you’re new to the community and not sure where to start, come say hi in our introductions thread!

:snowflake::snowman::snowflake: Have an excellent holiday season and new year! :snowflake::snowman::snowflake:


And the Year One badge is now live all everyone’s profile. :rocket:


Woohoo! Congrats to all those recognized, and big thanks to you, @johnny.duguid, for creating such a cozy, welcoming, collaborative space that reflects the values of the Shotgun team and our truly awesome community!


Wow, I’m honored! The community here really works because so many of you out there (both end-users and Shotgun crew) are so helpful!

This newbie really appreciates it.
Cheers all


Hi, That’s awesome guys, thanks for the mention, glad to help where I can.
I really do love the community, great place to learn and grow!


Some good news on this day!

Thanks for the honors (and congratz to the others too :slight_smile: )

I think this is the most helpfull community I’ve ever used and its indeed because the dev’s and users are all very active!

Also you chose the right forum software, it took a little getting used to but it’s very very handy!

Wishing everyone a lot of Shotfun next year too! :smiley:


Thanks for the :heart: Ricardo, and for all you’ve contributed here! I totally agree on all your points. And Merry Happy Shotfun in the New Year to you too. :fireworks:


I think you guys should change your badge to “Shotfun”.

This is a feature request :upside_down_face:




Alright folks—that’s it for this Forum Friday. Thanks for those that joined!

Happy holidays and looking forward to the first Forum Friday of 2020! :rocket: