Notes - Create vs. RV Upload

This is sort of a Create/Web/RV crossover question:

We just realized that one of our animation directors (Fumi) is not seeing the notes made by the other animation director (Shane) because he’s commenting in a thread from the auto-generated note created by an upload from RV.

Here’s what Shane’s seeing:

Pretty straightforward, he thinks he’s responding to both folks via the web interface/overlay player (his review tool of choice - he’s not fond of change).

But on the same shot in Create, Fumi sees NONE of Shane’s feedback, because he’s responding to the note from RV. Here’s all she sees on the same version in Create:

That’s it. No indication of a conversation at all.

So what’s the solution here? I believe the animators put an @Fumi and @Mgmt note in the description to send a notification and autogenerate the note you see that Shane was looking at - is the answer to just tell them to stop doing that? Personally I hate those “So and so has shared a new version with you” notes because they clog up the system and we can’t just delete them because someone may end up commenting on them as in the example here.

Personally I think the notifications note needs to go away, but thought I’d check to see if there are other options out there.

thanks in advance for any suggestions!


Hi @jlweiss,

Thanks for spotting something buggy here. “xxx has shared a new version…” thread will be generated if you notify users while submitting version via RV Submit tool.

Usually, people tend not to use it, but once you put users in this field, the following thread will be generated.

It’s more like a system thread, and will be created as a Note on the newly-created version. You could see/reply the thread in web player or RV, but cannot see it on SG Create. Neither the note nor the replies on this note can be seen on SG Create.

It’s something buggy here and I’ll bring it in front of our Shotgun Create team. As for now, you might need to communicate with your artists and have them not fill in the Notify field while submitting Versions via RV.



Yeah, we decided to kill the RV notifications which I, personally, am thrilled about! I have finally gotten the team on board with the idea of not having notifications for every version submitted. Instead they’re either using Create, or pages filtered for them specifically. This bug just hastened the demise, and for that I am grateful.

For the record, I don’t think it’s a bug that needs to be rectified per se, since if it’s a seldom-used feature it’s not even really a bug. Thanks for the confirmation that what I thought was the problem was in fact the problem though!


Hi @jlweiss,

Glad to know it helped in a good way. We will also evaluate this potential bug based on reports from other users.

Again, thanks for spotting it.


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After investigation, the problem comes from the fact that RV is not setting the “Tasks” field on the automatically generated Note.

When entering the Task view, Shotgun-Create is listing only the Versions and Notes linked to the current Task.




Thanks for the investigation @Michel_Eid. Issue logged as SG-14332.