Review Notes App - Create Note without Version

How can we create notes in the Review Notes App that are not linked to any version?

The Review Notes app is based on playlists, but what if we’re in the middle of dailies and we need to create a new shot, and provide Launch notes (linking them to specific tasks). These notes will not be linked to any version (since no version has been created yet).

You can create a new note in the review notes app, you can even edit the links on that note and create a new shot from that menu, but the moment the page refreshes, the note disappears (since there’s no version linked to the playlist/note).

I’ve already created a feature request, but I’m curious to know how people handle this scenario.

Many thanks for any replies!

Hello DavidA,

When I need to create note linked to a shot which doesn’t have any version. I directly create a note in the detail page of the Shot. I don’t use Review Notes App

A trick for creating a note linked to the shot only and not the version (but we need at least 1 version linked into the playlist) is to display the attribute Link > Shot > Open Notes Count.

Then we can create a note linked to the shot without reloading the page :

I don’t know if it answer to your question ?


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Thanks for the reply k_zananas,

That’s a clever use of the open notes count field.

I just discovered that it’s also possible to create a new note by right clicking on a selected version and selecting “Create New Note for 1 Version”. You can then configure the links/tasks and submit this note instantly without submitting the rest of your notes. If there’s no version, you won’t be able to link it to the playlist, and it won’t be included in your notes summary when the other notes are submitted, but that’s a nice workaround.

I think the issue is that taking notes is a very chaotic and stressful process - you need to jot down a great deal of information quickly (at the expense of accuracy in some cases), then spend considerable time cleaning them up afterward. Taking time out of a review to create a shot, configure it’s task template and link it appropriately isn’t realistic for our users. This doesn’t even take into account the note itself which will need to be cleaned up after the review.

We’re also acutely aware that cleaning up notes in shotgrid after the fact has limitations as well. You’ll know what I mean if you try and link a note to a different task after it’s been created…

I appreciate your reply!


Hey DavidA,

You are welcome.

You right, note workflow is a gymnastic. Then you have to prepare lots of page for artists, leads and producers…

Have a production assistant or a production coordinator dedicated to write and send notes on ShotGrid is helpful for projects with hundreds of shots.

Thanks !

Another workflow if you are comfortable with round tripping data from a spreadsheet is to create a notes template google doc, and put the note there. When the shot or task is created (or if it exists already but isn’t already in your review notes playlist) you can jot it down there, and import it at the end of your review. We did this at a studio I was at previously and it worked great for our needs.

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