Review notes in activity

Hi, community!

We have some really weird problems with our shotgrid instance. Here is what is happening (everything only in Web, no tools involved):

  1. Create a playlist
  2. Link few versions to this playlist
  3. Launch Review Notes App
  4. Type a note on a version, setting a subject
  5. Preview & Publish
  6. Send notes
  7. Go back to the playlist details page
  8. Activity tab lists the notes correctly. Every note has 2 visible links: Shot and version it velongs to
  9. Go to the shot, the version belongs to
  10. The notes in activity list have only the playlist as visible link, which draws the note useless.

Please anyone tell me, what is wrong?

Please, someone, I need your help desperately! :sob:

Ok! Now I know more. It’s a Shotgrid software bug. SG Devs are working on it…