Inbox - Notes linked to a Playlist, Shot and version are very messily displayed

We are trying to use the Inbox app more however when the user receives inbox notifications for Notes that are linked to a Version, Shot and Playlist (i.e. created from the Review Notes App) they are displayed in a way that makes them very hard to read.

Each note in the inbox sidebar is formatted so it shows:

{Playlist} {Shot} {Version Code}

You can imagine that playlists in a Stuido environment are hardly ever going to be named short, so we end up with Notes in the Notes app that display like this:

20230209_PROJ_MASTER_DAILLIES_001 PROJ_101_TST_0010 PROJ_101_TST_0010_playblast.v004
20230209_PROJ_MASTER_DAILLIES_001 : The note

See the screenshot how this displays, its unususable.

Anybody else run into these issues?