Review notes app: display version on related notes


When using review notes app I often want to see what I said in a note on a version. By clicking on a version I can bring up the related notes to see previous notes given. Unfortunately I can’t seem to display what version this note was given on and only see the note itself. Any tips on displaying this version the note was given on please?



Hey keggers,

Sure thing, take a look at this screenshot:

On the left pane I have the Note I’m typing, while on the right I have the “Related Versions” tab selected which shows all the Versions linked to the same thing (Shot, Asset, etc.). You can scroll through the list and see the Notes linked specifically to each previous Version. Is that the sort of view you’re looking for?


Hi Brandon,

Thank you for the screen shot. I found that earlier but it’s just much too cluttered. The example you give doesn’t really reflect how much more information a production studio can generate. Ideally, with all this extra clutter, I should be able to filter by “my notes” but I can’t because this is showing “related versions” and there doesn’t seem to be a way to filter for “my notes in a related version”

I have instead been using the middle tab and grouping by links. this is better however still not ideal. I can filter on my notes and it will show the grouped links that I have given notes on but will also show every other related note and links. As a supervisor I am giving notes on a lot of related things per shot so having shotgun show several roto, CG, prep, comp and tech check notes all in one bunch is really busy and difficult to navigate. I can further filter this by “type” and myself as the author but this still shows 5 different groupings of related versions when I only need two notes from the 5. As we generate more and more data this just gets unweildy.

Ideally the solution here is for shotgun to have the version name in the subject header of the note, which is seems not to? Can we turn this on somehow? If this is possible the notes could just be ungrouped and collapsed in to single lines. Much easier to find and click to expand.

thanks for the help!


Thanks for the detailed use case. I can definitely see where the UI is falling short based on your needs here. It sounds like you’ve already explored the different viewing options I would have suggested (filters/groups), but sounds like those are still lacking.

I’d recommend sending your feedback to our product team, more info on how to do that here. When they turn their attention back to the Notes app they’ll be armed with yours, and others use cases.

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