Help with Linking Notes to Playlist in Screening Room

How can I get the links field for notes to include the current playlist when reviewing in screening room?

Right now my supervisor reviews and submits his notes in screening room; however, the playlist isn’t included by default in the links field, so the note is only attached to the version and the shot.

It makes it a little complicated to find all the notes once he’s finished reviewing remotely.



Hi KGreene!

Welcome to the community :).

Are you using Screening Room for RV, or on the web? I did a quick test in the web player, and when I’m browsed to a Playlist, all Notes I create for Versions I play there are linked to the Version, entity the Version is linked to, and the Playlist.

If you could send a screenshot of the context in which your supervisor is reviewing, I can either try to reproduce or advise on how to remedy.

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Hi Brandon - thank you for the help. We are using screening room for the web - I’ve attached a screen shot of the links section when I start to write a new note. Hope that helps - I don’t want to inadvertently include images from my show which is under NDA.



Very curious. Would you be able to send me a private message with a link to the Playlist where you’re experiencing this? That way I can log in and investigate.

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My project is noticing a similar behavior to what KGreene described. Would it be possible to share the results of Brandon’s investigation?