Get note notification?

By shotgun create tutorial video, I understood that the alarm display by ‘blue dot’.

But when add review by only word, there is no blue dot.

Thus the reason that I can’t find note notification is that I miss something or
It is normal case ?

If it is normal case, I hope that the note notification alarm could be used

Hi @태영_송,

Welcome to the Shotgun community! Just to make sure I’m understanding the issue correctly, your Reviewer is creating a Note with just a single word in it, and that is not triggering the blue dot notification for the Artist that they have new feedback. Is that correct?

Yes, you are right. That is what i mean.

Could i get note alarm by ‘shotgun creat’?

Hi brandon,

Thanks for your reply.

First of all, My answer of your words is ‘Yes’.

I want ‘shotgun create’ to give alarm of Note by ‘Blue dot’ or other form.

Thus, I wonder that there is another alarm form of note.

Have nice day


2019년 10월 11일 (금) 오후 10:45, Brandon Foster via Community @ Shotgun shotgunsoftware@discoursemail.com님이 작성:

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In speaking with our team, it sounds like this may be a bug. A blue dot should appear at the corner of the user’s Task card when a new Note has arrived, no matter how short/long the Note. We’ve logged it internally, and I can report back when we have more info.

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Thanks again for your report of this, @태영_송 ! We were able to repro and the team already has a fix which we’re hoping to get out sometime next week.

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Thanks with your care.
And i am happy to get your reply.


Have nice day


2019년 10월 16일 (수) 오전 3:09, Brandon Foster via Community @ Shotgun shotgunsoftware@discoursemail.com님이 작성:



The issue is fixed in the latest release of Create #2019_10_074.

Thanks !