Forum Friday | What do you call surgery on Leap Day?

A hop-eration! :dizzy_face: :sweat_smile: :roll_eyes:

:wave:, :shotgun: community! It’s already Forum Friday time again? Feb was fast—good thing we’ve got that extra leap day in our back pockets.

I’m switching things up this month by highlighting some handy forum functionality that you may not know about: tags!

What’s so great about tags?

The most useful part of tags is that you can setup notifications on them, so you always get a heads up about the things you care about.

To tune notifications on a tag, click the upper right :bell: icon on a tag result page (like #announcement) and select your preferred notification setting:

As always, thanks to everyone over the past month for their questions and contributions to the community!

Finally, for those new to Forum Friday…

Forum Friday is a day where members of the Shotgun Team will be posting in the forums all day, ready to answer your questions, and talk Shotgun. Think of it as an “Ask Me Anything” session with our team and other members of the SG Community.

When: Friday, Feb 28, 2020
Starting: Friday 5PM PST (Friday 1AM UTC)
Ending: Friday 5PM PST (Saturday 1AM UTC)
Where: Here!
Who: Anyone and everyone!

If you’re new to the community and not sure where to start, come say hi in our introductions thread!

See you on the forum! :rocket:


And that’s a wrap—hope everyone has a great weekend and leaps into the extra day this year! (Sorry, I’m done with the awful puns. :upside_down_face:)

Catch you next month! :rocket: