Forum Friday | Just Keep Swimming

Hello there :shotgun: community! Hope everyone’s hanging in there.

It’s time for June’s #forum-friday! :dancer: :man_dancing:

June's Community Highlights

On the forum:

  • Props to @Alefeve, @mharris for chiming in and helping answer questions over in the #pipeline category.
  • :medal_sports: for @ymesh for submitting a PR that was recently used to help resolve a check state issue.
  • The :shotgun: Street Team has been adding short, info-packed F.A.Q. topics based on common support questions. Check them out at the #faq tag.
  • The :shotgun: Product Team is looking for feedback on some ideas under consideration. You’ll find these under the #considering tag—add your thoughts today!

New releases, features, and updates:

Some light reading:

New to Forum Friday?

Forum Friday is a day where members of the Shotgun Team will be posting in the forums all day, ready to answer your questions, and talk Shotgun. Think of it as an “Ask Me Anything” session with our team and other members of the SG Community.

When: Friday, June 26, 2020
Starting: Friday 5PM PT (Friday 1AM BST)
Ending: Friday 5PM PT (Saturday 1AM BST)
Where: Here!
Who: Anyone and everyone!

If you’re not sure where to start, come say hi in our introductions thread!

See you on the forum! :rocket:


Forum Friday is officially underway :slight_smile: Come say hi and ask away on the forums, looking forward to chatting with all of you :smile:


And that’s a wrap for June’s Forum Friday!

Our July session is July 31st—hope to see you there.

Catch you on the forum! :rocket: