Review faster with progressive loading in RV 7.8

We know that in production every second counts, which is why we’ve been focusing on getting you into playback as soon as you have pixels ready to play! Whether you need to review a handful of media clips or thousands, with our new progressive loading feature, you and your team can now begin playing back your media 7–10x faster than before.

We’ve also added public API calls to help accelerate teams who want to take greater advantage of this work.

Additionally, we stabilized the Sync capabilities, so now we do a better job of syncing commands between all participants in the session. Because RV is a critical part of work from home workflows, we want to make sure the Sync experience is as frictionless as possible for everyone involved.

RV 7.8 is a big release for us and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

Grab your copy from the Shotgun>Apps menu or from


Thanks, sounds good. In the release notes ( it says

  • Shotgun Screening Room and Shotgun Integration now provide additional composite operation options for comparisons.

Improvements to screening room are very welcome, but what are these exactly? I didn’t notice any difference


Hi Luke,

Great question! When choosing your compare mode, there’s now an Advanced menu with these additional options, as seen below:

This should round-out the existing composite modes in RV (but was not in Screening Room).

That was actually an idea that came from the community, here RV screening room preferences. Composite


Cool, thanks Michael