RV 2021.0.3 Release is available!

Download available here

• RVIO no longer crashes while encoding libx264 on Windows
• Fixed Streaming media access after expiration, which is typically 15 minutes
• No more duplicated Annotation Tool when integrating the Annotation Tool inside RV’s UI
• Screening Room for RV date/time overlays now adjust for timezone
• Play in reverse for streaming media is no longer broken
• RV no longer crashes at startup with Blackmagic Decklink 8K Pro on Windows.
• Streaming media performances optimization
• With the aim of giving more control over the Shotgun’s ‘Play In RV’, a new preference has been added to the RV Shotgun package, under the following menu:
• Shotgun/SessionPrefs/OpenMedia

  1. Add to Session (Default, it will not clear the session when you do a “Play in RV”)
  2. Replace Session

Does this option require a particular Shotgun version? We are locally-hosted and currently running v8.23.

This new RV option does not depend on any particular Shotgun version.

Any reason these aren’t posted with the rest of the release notes here: RV 2021 Release Notes – Shotgun Support

Also will the download page update to reflect 2021.0.3 (still says 2021.0.2)

One other suggestion, would be cool if there was an RSS feed, email DL, Alert in RV, or something else that alerted when new releases were available.