RV 2023.0.2 Release is available!

Release Date: October 4th, 2023

Download available here .

This new patch update to RV 2023 aims at improving stability by fixing crashes, media loading issues, and playback performance within a Live Review session.

This release includes the following:

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a potential crash when loading a multi-files source with mixed availability. For example: Loading an audio file on local storage but missing the associated video file. [SG-31545]
  • Fixed a crash when a new viewable stack is created from layers under a source clip. [SG-31611]
  • Fixed an issue where playback would not resume for participants in a Live Review session when audio scrubbing is enabled. [SG-31350]
  • Fixed an issue where RV could not play back incomplete OpenEXR files in the Player. [SG-32694]
  • Fixed an issue where the Color Inspector could not be accessed when the RV_SOURCE_TILING option was enabled. [SG-32057]