RV 2022.3.2 Release is available!

Release Date: May 9, 2023

Download available here.

You can now download RV 2022.3.2, an update to RV 2022 that improves stability. This update also includes the following bug fixes:

  • Fixed an intermittent issue in RV where no audio plays the first time RV is opened or playback is started. [SG-28578]
  • Fixed an issue where the audio doesn’t play when launching RV through python commands in a terminal when the Audio Cache option is active (Scrubbing On By Default (Cache All Audio)). [SG-29287]
  • Fixed the missing redraw when using the setMargins() RV command. [SG-28734]
  • Fixed some intermittent crashes in RV when working with large images and the RV_SOURCE_TILING environment variable is active. [SG-28211]