RV 2022.3.1 Release is available!

Release date: September 14, 2022

Download available here.

IMPORTANT: RV 2022 is the last version of RV to support Python 2, aligning with other Autodesk M&E products like Maya, 3ds Max, and Flame. Starting with version 2023, RV will support Python 3 exclusively.

Bug fixes


  • Fixed RV Annotations tool keyboard shortcuts on Windows. [SG-27433]
  • Fixed RV doesn’t display stereo on the first frame when using EXR partial bounding box. [SG-23906]
  • Fixed a crash occurring when some incomplete OpenEXR files were loaded into RV’s Player. [SG-27563]
  • Fixed after-progressive-loading event missing after addSourceVerbose() command. [SG-23594]
  • Fixed meta key binding change introduced with Qt 5.15.3 update. [SG-27208]
  • Fixed unable to install packages under RV Preferences on some Linux. [SG-27579]
  • Multiple Media Representation feature is now working as expected when using RV with Python 2 or Python 3. [SG-28116]


  • Fixed addSourcesVerbose sends the after-progressive-loading event before media is actually loaded. [SG-23063]


  • Fixed performance regression when loading LUTs on EXR look node. [SG-28222]
  • Fixed random crashes using Multiple Media Representation, OCIO, and LiveReview all together in specific scenarios. [SG-27470]
  • Fixed missing source-group-complete;;new event when clicking on swap media menu. [SG-28013]


Video Out:

  • Fixed issue when DVI is used as Output Broadcast. [SG-28165]


  • Error writing settings to RV.ini file on Windows in specific scenario. [SG-28123]

Any chance we could get more info on Fixed issue when DVI is used as Output Broadcast and Error writing settings to RV.ini file on Windows in specific scenario. [SG-28123]?
Thanks for the release, looks like a lot of work!

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Hello Kessler !

Here are some additional details about the fixes:
DVI is used as Output Broadcast Fix:
This issue was introduced in RV 2022.0 when Qt was updated from Qt 5.12.5 to Qt 5.15.3, the external monitor on Windows was broken in the sense that when activating the presentation mode on an external monitor, it was being displayed on the main monitor.
This is a Windows specific issue. Not repro on Linux or Mac.

About the RV.ini issue:
Note that RV prefs are persisted using the QSettings Qt class.
We discovered that the QSettings’ error status is NEVER cleared.
There is an open Qt issue bout adding a way to clear the error status: [QTBUG-23857] QSettings can provide a public method to clear the error on demand - Qt Bug Tracker
So what happens is whenever the first error occurs with the QSettings Qt class, then this same error gets reported numerous times by RV.

With the aim of preventing RV from spamming the console with errors when a single access error is detected (due to the current limitation of the QSettings Qt class), we now only report the first error since this is the only one that we can rely on as it will stay in error until the end of life of the QSettings instance.

I hope this helps and I wish you a good day !