RV 2022.3.0 Release is available!

Release date: June 14, 2022

Download available here.

IMPORTANT: RV 2022 is the last version of RV to support Python 2, aligning with other Autodesk M&E products like Maya, 3ds Max, and Flame. Starting with version 2023, RV will support Python 3 exclusively.

New Multiple Media Representations in RV

With this release of RV, the new Multiple Media Representations feature makes it easy to swap between media formats during a review.

Clips in ShotGrid can have multiple incoming sources or paths to media like Path to Frames, Path to Movie, and Streaming. RV now detects these different media paths and present them in a drop-down menu to easily swap between media formats. The media swap drop-down menu is located in the bottom right of the Player, next to the resolution and format information.

New commands are also available in RV to support Multiple Media Representations within a SwitchIPnode:

  • addSourceMediaRep()
  • setActiveSourceMediaRep()
  • sourceMediaRep()
  • sourceMediaReps()

To learn more about the new Multiple Media Representations feature in RV, please refer to the documentation.

Other improvement

  • New RV_NETWORK_PROXY_DISABLE env var to bypass network proxy once defined.

Bug fixes

Live Review:

  • RV Live Review can now be used with a mix of participants having access or not to local media. [SG-27143]


  • Fixed an issue where crop options were not applied properly when exporting an RV session file using the RVIO tool. [SG-24351]

OTIO Import:

  • Fixed an issue which would cause transitions and effects not being preserved on exported OTIOs when both were applied on the same clip. [SG-26573]
  • Fixed an issue where the name set on the MediaReference was not preserved when exporting a new version of an OTIO imported in RV. [SG-26572]
  • Fixed an issue where some timeline schema properties (name and metadata) were not preserved when importing an OTIO in RV. [SG-26571]


  • Fixed a crash when doing playback operation right after loading versions from SG via the Compare tool. [SG-26991]

Screening Room:

  • Fixed a crash with RV Screening Room when updating playlist with a timeline selection. [SG-27127]


  • Appending the -wipe option when launching RV through command line will now enable the Wipe tools properly on launch. [SG-27109]
  • The rvNetwork.py file is now compatible with both Python 2 and Python 3. [SG-26862]
  • Fixed an issue where the RVIO command line tool would freeze periodically. [SG-25790]

as we are hoping for more stability in regards of Live Review we want to test the latest version.
Unfortunatelty it is not possible to run the rv.exe (Windows 10 here) from a network share.
We get a Qt error message and the SG login window is not working then.

All is working fine when having it on a local drive. In both cases I am referring to the portable version.

Is it working for anyone else?

setting env var QTWEBENGINE_DISABLE_SANDBOX to 1 fixed the issue for us.

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