RV 2023.0.0 Release is available!

Release date: April 24, 2023

Download available here.

IMPORTANT: RV 2023 now supports only Python 3.


Newly Supported Operating Systems

  • RV is now supported on Rocky Linux 8. [SG-26891]
  • RV is now supported on Windows 11. [SG-26892]

SDK and API Updates

RV now uses updated versions of the following components:

  • Blackmagic Design SDK (for video broadcast output) version 12.4.2. [SG-29111]
  • AJA SDK version 16.2.0.
  • Python version 3.9.13. [SG-26545]
  • OpenEXR version 3.1.5. [SG-26546]
  • OpenTimelineIO version 0.15. [SG-28773]
  • C++17 API/SDK (for compliance with VFXPlatform recommendations.) [SG-27037]

Multiple Media Representation (MMR) Improvements

  • We added the ability to select specific sources to specific clips when using the MMR feature in the context where there are several sources loaded in the Player, like when working in Stack or Layout mode. [SG-28863]
  • The MMR switch groups and sources displayed in the Session Manager now use names that are now more meaningful. [SG-28740]

Bug fixes


  • Fixed errors reported on some Windows instances where RV was trying to save its settings to the obsolete [home]/Application Data folder first. Now, RV always saves the settings to [home]/AppData/Roaming. [SG-29809]
  • Launching RV through a symbolic link using Window’s command prompt is working again. [SG-27677]

Live Review

  • Fixed the invalid property name #RVRetime.output.fps error that was caused by a conflict with the Auto-Retime Mismatched FPS Media option while working in a Live Review session in RV. [SG-29950]
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some events from being shared between RV instances during a Live Review session. [SG-29189]
    IMPORTANT: RV 2023.0.0 is no longer backward compatible with previous releases of RV in regards to Live Review sessions. This means that an RV 2023 cannot connect to a Live Review session to which pre-2023 RVs are already connected. The inverse is also true: a pre-2023 RV cannot connect to a Live Review session where a 2023 RV is already connected.

Multiple Media Representation (MMR)

  • Fixed an error which would get reported in the console while using the deleteNode() RV command. [SG-30605]
  • Improved caching capabilities when reloading cached sourceGroups used with the MMR feature. [SG-28778]


  • Fixed an issue which would prevent RV from opening pre-signed S3 URLs. [SG-29961]
  • Fixed an issue where the Info Strip overlay would not show the proper source information. This would happen when working with several clips in the Player with the MMR active. This is now fixed in 2023.0.0 and an additional feature was added for this scenario (see SG-28863). [SG-28826]
  • Adapted RV Sync so it can be used with a mix of both Open RV and Commercial RV (RV >= 2023.0) participants. [SG-29775]
  • Fixed an issue about the Player not updating the current frame when an RV reload() command or Force Reload menu option is being done. [SG-30348]
  • Fixed an issue with the OCIO menu not being updated when adding media to an existing RV session. [SG-29679]
  • Fixed an issue where the Player would display corrupted images when playing back media with inserts. [SG-29243]
  • Fixed an intermittent issue in RV where no audio would play the first time RV the application was open or starting playback. [SG-28578]
  • Fixed some intermittent crashes in RV when working with large images and the RV_SOURCE_TILING environment variable is active. [SG-28211]


  • Added the RV_QT_HDPI_SUPPORT environment variable for systems connected to a high DPI monitor. This new environment variable controls whether or not RV considers the QT environment variables defined on the system that might be used by other software. If RV_QT_HDPI_SUPPORT is set, RV uses the QT environment variables set on the system. If not, RV ignores any external QT environment variables. [SG-30447]

Screening Room

  • Fixed an issue where RV Screening Room’s Details pane would not update properly when used in multiple RV sessions. The Details pane will now show the proper information when working in this context. [SG-14234]
  • Fixed an error that could be reported when accessing some cut items in RV Screening Room while the MMR feature is active. [SG-30373]


  • On variants of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, such as Rocky Linux 8, the end user must ensure that the tcsh and ‘ncurses-compat-libs’ libraries are installed on the system, and install them if that is not the case. [SG-30016]
  • Fixed a crash in RV when installing support files from the rv nuke package. The fix is in the Mu binding of QFile::open() method. [SG-29358]
  • Fixed a Python issue in RV by allowing the use of multiprocessing.pool.Threadpool. [SG-30002]
  • Fixed a case where the PYTHONPATH environment variable was not considered by RV. [SG-26837]
  • Fixed an issue where the audio would not play when launching RV through python commands in a terminal when the Audio Cache option was active (Scrubbing On By Default (Cache All Audio)). [SG-29287]
  • Fixed the missing redraw when using the setMargins() RV command. [SG-28734]

Video Out

  • Fixed an issue of video corruption on broadcast when using AJA to output YUV on Windows 11. [SG-29969]
  • Fixed an issue where the RV HDMI output through AJA would cause color banding on the monitor. This was due to an incorrectly set bit depth. The AJA HDMI Output Bit Depth now correctly follows what is set in the Video Output data format menu of the Preferences. [SG-30148]

Using newest RV, when loading ShotGrid | Launch Browser (under the Screening Room group) I get an Oops! error:
read failed (reason_code 10): Read failed for entity type [Version]

This is not new to this release, but we have seen issues around authentication that could cause this problem. If you try to logout and log back into your ShotGrid website through RV, does it resolves the issue? You can do so by:

  • Launch RV
  • ShotGrid / ShotGrid Connection Details: Clear All ShotGrid Connection Details
  • Restart RV
  • Log back into your website with your user credentials when the Login dialog window appears on launch
  • Try to open the ‘ShotGrid / Launch Browser’ menu again

The error persists after following the steps above
Oddly, once I select a Version from the WebUI and “Play in RV”, it seems the Browser works correctly

Maybe once you had opened RV, the cache of Screening Room for RV was trying to reload a version from your last session which was deleted?

This definitely seems to come from the sg api, I’ve seen it before, not in RV I think.

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Hi Ian, can you say whether this addresses the fixes required for ticket 20184979/SG-28778. This is the issue where clips would lose their connection to SG and the user couldn’t choose between streaming/movie/frames.


Hi Dennis,

Yes, the fix for SG-28778 is part of the RV 2023 release! Let us know if you are still experiencing problems around this workflow.


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Comparing 2 DNx QTs, launched via SG, immediately crashes upon moving the wipe control (after pressing F6) or adjusting the stack mode to ‘replace’.
Reverting back to previous version (2022.3.1) immediately resolves issue and can wipe compare again.

OSX 12.6.5 (intel i9 macbook pro)

Viewing via OCIO (file based colour-spaces set via custom script via rv_ocio_setup.py)

Same here.
RV crashes when comparing stacks (tested with dpx and jpg files).

With most exr files it crashes immediately without an error message or any form of report. It just closes itself while loading the file. In fact we only found 1 exr file so far, that didn’t crash.

No modifications or customisations to RV whatsoever.

EDIT: I found more exr files, that are working, all not DWAA compressed. I haven’t found a single DWAA compressed files that is working.

About the reported RV crashes when comparing stacks:
We are currently investigating this issue.
As a workaround until this issue gets resolved, please set the following environment variable to zero prior to launching RV:

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No joy with that fix here. Same crash experience. (OSX 13.3.1 Apple silicon M2 Max)

Also will note that OCIO display names are blank (with either single or dual - extended - display). Not sure if this is Ventura or Apple silicon, but display names work fine for me under OSX 12.x and intel. This is with RV 2022 or 2023. There’s a bit of guess work here, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it for now…

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 09.08.33

Screenshot 2023-05-11 at 09.11.16

Is there any documentation for this? I have not found the ability to change sources in stack mode for example.

Also for me, the MMR workflow is very useful but seems to slow the system down a bit, because even if you have, for example, shotgrid preferences set to a specific media, RV still loads them all in the background first. A bit anecdotal but I remember RV launching and playing much more quickly previously, which makes a bit of a difference if you’re clicking on many individual versions from SG to playback.

Odd RV 2023.0 specific error do I need to add python 3 lib paths to my env vars so that _io.py is found? or should that be included, this error seems to be related to a missing module “open_code” from I presume _io?

Fatal Python error: init_sys_streams: can’t initialize sys standard streams
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:/Program Files/ShotGrid/RV-2023.0.0/lib\io.py”, line 54, in
ImportError: cannot import name ‘open_code’ from ‘io’ (unknown location)

Error is not present in 2022.2.0 so must be related to python 3.9.13 inclusion?

:tada: :partying_face: Wooo!

I didn’t see it here so I figured I’d flag it. It looks like the version of pyaaf2 that was shipped includes an issue producing a Syntax Warning.

The lib was missing from the about page, so from what I can gather from code state and init in the lib dir, it appears it is on 1.4.0 (Jan 31, 2020) and is currently 1.7.0 (released after RV 2023 was released).

RV-2023.0.0\lib\site-packages\aaf2\auid.py:25: SyntaxWarning: "is" with a literal. Did you mean "=="?

Just wanted to call it out as it would be a good thing to update for a future build.

Thanks for rocking these releases, I love seeing the progress and can’t wait to use more of the multi-rep stuff!