RV 2023.0.1 Release is available!

Release Date: July 7th, 2023

Download available here.

This new update to the release of RV 2023 aims to improve stability and performance, and fixes a critical workflow issue when comparing versions from SG.

This release includes the following update and fixes:


  • OpenEXR was updated from 3.1.5 to 3.1.7. [SG-30907]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a potential crash when using wipes on Default Stack while comparing 2 versions from SG. [SG-30848]
  • Fixed a performance issue where adding MXF files was significantly slower than adding their MOV equivalent. [SG-30698]
  • Fixed an issue in RVIO where some audio configurations sometimes caused it to get stuck at rendering the first frame. [SG-30920]
  • Fixed missing dependencies for the py-interp and mu-interp tools on Rocky Linux 8/9. [SG-31213]
  • Fixed a memory leak that would happen when calling RV commands from a Python RV package. [SG-30818]
  • Reduced CPU usage at RV startup when the Live Review package is enabled. [SG-30054]

Will keep testing but initially stack compare no longer crashes for me on this version and seems to work as intended.
(OSX 13.4.1, Apple M2 Max, OCIO)