RV 2021.1.0 Release is available!

Release date: June 22, 2021

Download available here.

Live Review - Open Beta

We are excited to present ‘Live Review’ - the first cloud-based service built to enable better review collaboration. It offers live and synced playback experiences across multiple RV sessions.

Easy to use

This new experience has been designed to be easy to setup and use:

  • Easy to create a new session
  • Easy to allow users to join

Only a few clicks away from everybody looking and talking about the same thing!

You can find the complete documentation here.

Join the Open Beta

Every hosted ShotGrid customer is welcome to join the Open Beta. We dedicated a part of the forum just for it. Please join us here!

For more information about the Open Beta, it’s this way !


RV is now aligned with the ShotGrid renaming deployed on June 7!

For everything about ShotGrid rebranding and new account management, please see the Shotgun 8.26 release notes !


I was testing it today and it was immediately breaking when using the Cut feature.
Swapping another version into a sequence broke the running session with plenty of side-effects.

  • Cut order scrambled (only VFX shots in alphanumerical order, no longer EDL based)
  • Not able to play any versions anymore via doubleclick (or contxtclick → Replace)

I will create a Support ticket, as I made a screen recording with material not appropriate to show here.

Hi Tobias,

Thank you for reporting this issue. I can confirm that we have received your support ticket and are currently looking at your steps and issues in the video you attached to it. We will do a follow-up with you on the ticket to get more information and do follow-ups on the status of the issue.


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Hi there.
We have been using RV live 2021.1.0 for some time now. But recently the sessions are kicking off participants for some reason. Is there a way to fix this without upgrading to the newest version?