Client review

Has there been any discussion about using this for client reviews in the future?

Yes, this is a possibility in the future. Something we’re very interested in, is how this could connect the web playback together with the desktop playback.

How would you see the client review session operating with this solution?

That sounds very exciting!!
Initially I had thought that clients could simply use the same workflow (download RV and run it, which could maybe be batched for them in so they don’t have to do anything but wait until it’s all setup). This could use a restricted version of RV that would be permissbale to launch by client users.
If a webplayer option could work, then that would be even better as it would require less setup time. To keep things simple for the clients, I’d say you would have a button on the CRS to “Launch Live Session”, which anybody invited to the playlist could instigate. You could then chose frome the list of invitees who you want to have this session with to launch either standalone or webplayer (or a mix). The session would then be saved as an entity as suggested in the other thread (attendees, amount of annotations, attachments in case there is a recording etc).