8.26 Release Notes

Release date: June 7, 2021


We’re excited to announce that Shotgun has been renamed ShotGrid as part of this release ! Though Shotgun will have a new name, it will bring the same power to animation, VFX, and games pipelines.

Easier, centralized account management

ShotGrid contract owners and primary admins will manage their accounts through the Autodesk Account with the adoption of Autodesk identity and Autodesk licensing.

See the Shotgun Integration FAQ for more information.

In case you missed it…

We released the following updates since 8.25:

  • Improved response to API requests that fail due to an invalid thumbnail file format. [SG-22204]
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Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue preventing users from connecting to their ShotGrid site. This problem was present on sites using ShotGrid’s native 2FA once their Migration to Autodesk Identity had been started. [SG-22882]
  • Corrected an issue with API authentication when a ShotGrid site had started their migration to Autodesk Identity [SG-22889]
  • Hidden projects wont be displayed to unauthorized users anymore. [SG-22588] (Thursday June 17, 2021)


  • A global Department page is added to the Admin menu to facilitate Department management. Department > Default Layout > List is also updated with the new “Pipeline Steps” field. [SG-21992]

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue when choosing multiple values from a list type field on the filter panel could cause a page crash [SG-22741] (Monday June 21, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue when creating a note with attachments could result in attachments not uploaded and linked to that note. Also, an email notification will now contain download links to all the attached files. [SG-18604] (Wednesday June 23, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Creating a new note doesn’t create Change event log entries for attribute values. [SG-23082] (Tuesday June 29, 2021)

Bug fixes:

  • Overlay Player Cut mode is now respecting Cut Item in/out values. [SG-22636]
  • Fixes an issue where SSO users are unable to log in to an Identity enabled site when Identity security settings require 2FA but not SSO. [SG-23113]
  • Fixed an issue where eligible users couldn’t create an active user. [SG-23112]
  • Fixed issue where license error would often prevent authentication. (Monday July 5, 2021)

Bug fix:

  • Fixed an issue when a user couldn’t login to a ShotGrid site because of a domain list restriction case sensitivity. [SG-23157]