New build available ! ShotGrid Create release notes (Build #2021.06.008 - June 7, 2021)

Release date: June 7, 2021

Rebranding and new account management

ShotGrid Create may require a new installation

If you haven’t updated to the Create version from May 31, 2021, you will unfortunately have to install ShotGrid Create from scratch, since some changes from the previous version are required for auto-update to work. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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For everything about ShotGrid rebranding and new account management, please see the Shotgun 8.26 release notes!

Sequential Media View

We’re happy to introduce a new workflow in Create allowing users to load sequential media around the version they’re viewing for a more effective review!

New Multi-Clip Timeline

The new multi-clip timeline now supports play ranges and zoom to ranges. It also introduces a new visualisation of media when in Playlists and Cuts mode.

Media Selection and Filtering

It is now possible to select a Cut, sequence, or any other grouping entity to review the version in context. The filtering by Pipeline Steps and Status options are there to change the current representation of the timeline content.

Version Override Menus

Finally, we offer ways to pin a specific version to be as flexible as possible in the representation of the media.

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Bug fixes

  • [Compare] Entering Compare mode is properly providing user feedback while loading. [SG-21944]
  • [Player] Playback in Playlist mode no longer skips one of the segments anymore. [SG-20157]
  • [Player] Playlist with only one version loops correctly. [SG-20809]
  • [Player] Consistent FPS for both playlist and individual clips are displayed. [SG-20808]
  • [Playlists] Major performance improvements in Playlists board. [SG-21948]
  • [Playlists] Player is not displaying anymore on Playlist board when entering a playlist. [SG-21711]
  • [Playlists] When entering the Playlist View before the thumbnails have finished loading, users are no longer kicked back to the Playlist Board. [SG-19901]
  • [Task View] Newly created version now properly shows in Version Swapping menu. [SG-21505]
  • [Task View] Version’s status is properly updating after creating a new note. [SG-22328]

The Sequential Media View workflow presentation video is now available on the ShotGrid Software Youtube channel !