New build available ! ShotGrid Create release notes (Build #2021.10.002 - October 7, 2021)

Release date: October 7, 2021

Bug fixes


  • Fixed an issue in tk-framework-desktopclient to correctly detects ShotGrid Create on the filesystem. [SG-23055]
  • Fixed an issue where ShotGrid Create’s DLLs path was injected in launched tool’s DLLs path and could cause launch applications failures because of conflicting DLLs. [SG-18781]


  • Playlist versions stream and timeline version orderings are different when ‘‘Playlist → Sort Order’’ field is empty in ShotGrid. [SG-22819]
  • Quickly switching between playlists can lead to a crash. [SG-22715]


  • With ranges disabled, adding IN or OUT range doesn’t enable ranges AND set the specified range. [SG-22683]
  • Range Hotkeys: It should not be possible to set a IN point after an OUT point using the hotkeys. [SG-22682]

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