New build available ! ShotGrid Create release notes (Build #2021.06.018 - June 30, 2021)

Release date: June 30, 2021

Sequential Media View improvement

The Cut menu is now hidden while reviewing a version. Once the review is completed or cancelled, the Cut menu and context are back as their previous state.

Opening DCC issue

We fixed an issue where ShotGrid Create’s DLLs path was injected in launched tool’s DLLs path and could cause failures because of conflicting DLLs.

As an example, older versions of Houdini would not launch from Create on Windows.

Notes assignation

When creating a note or a version, the “To” field on the ShotGrid website is now properly filled so it gets assigned to the proper person/people.

  • It will be populated by the assignees assigned to the task if a reviewer is making a note/version.
  • It will be populated by the reviewers assigned to the task if an assignee is making a note/version.