New build available ! Shotgun Create release notes (Build #2020.05.011 - May 6, 2020)

Build #2020.05.011 - May 6, 2020


  • [Playlists] Playlists are a core part of any review experience, and they’re now available in Shotgun Create. It’s never been easier to quickly browse any playlist on your site, or filter to show only the playlists related to you, so you can immediately jump into your reviews.

  • [Image Sequences] It’s now possible to override and disable the file sequence auto-detect behavior.

    To disable this, set the following environment variable to true:

Fixed bugs

  • [Activity Stream] Create now shows the proper user name for ClientUser’s notes in the Activity Stream.
  • [My Tasks] Gray filter on thumbnails on Tasks without any version works properly on every types of parent entity. (Assets, Shots, etc)
  • [Toolkit] When there is no action possible in the “Open in…” menu, it now displays “No action available”.

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