:rv: RV 7.3.4 Released! :rv:

:tada: :rv: RV 7.3.4 is Released! :rv: :tada:

We are working hard on our next version of RV, but there were a a couple of issues we needed to address more quickly.

Specifically, we found that in some cases, the authentication time was quite bad, especially for SSO sites. Weโ€™ve released this to speed up your logins. If you are using SSO, we highly recommend grabbing this release, but in our testing, we see improvements in authentication time across the board.

As a tag-along, we also resolved an issue where some long sequences of numbers would be interpreted as frames and cause a crash. This only affected Windows.

You can download RV either from your Shotgun siteโ€™s Apps menu, or directly at ShotGrid | RV.

For the official release notes go here.