RV 7.6 is released!

RV 7.6 is released!

We’re excited to announce another important update for RV! We’ve been hard at work since the release of 7.5 on a few key updates that have been in demand for a while.

In this update you will find support for Apple ProRes and DNxHR for media playback—both frequent requests among all of you. We’re happy to make this available starting today.

In this release we have also been heavily focused on performance. We have been partnering with clients to do a deep dive on our media playback. Thanks to this great collaboration between our clients and our development team, we’ve been able to identify some bottlenecks in our playback engine and have removed these. We think you’ll see better performance in the following areas:

  • Improved performance over SDI output and presentation mode
  • Improved performance of the cache
  • Improved defaults and handling of EXR files
  • Improved playback of mixed formats in a timeline

There’s always more to do when it comes to performance, but we’re excited about the gains we’ve made in this release. Check out the release notes here for more details.

Thanks to everyone in the community who gave us feedback on these updates; engagement like this helps us solve the right problems. We’re looking forward to your feedback on the overall release.

You can download RV from your Apps menu on your Shotgun site or directly from this link.

Until next time,
The Shotgun Team


Hi Kevin,

Glad to see new releases of RV happening. Since this release was “focused on performance”, I’m wondering if the performance-related issues I raised a couple of years ago have been addressed or looked into: https://support.shotgunsoftware.com/hc/en-us/requests/70130

We’re working on a lot of very-high-res and high-fps media these days, so it’d be really nice to have.


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Hi @miker, not sure if your specific issue was in scope for this release, will dig around a little and see if we’d expect to see improvement there. If you have a chance to test, please reply to your open ticket and let us know what you find!


Hey Kevin, forgive what may be a foolish question but does the ProRes and DNxHR support require those codecs already be on the machine, and RV can now make use of them? Or does it mean that out of the box RV itself has the codecs ready to go?

In the past I’ve been told ProRes is a particularly funny codec with specific requirements (and at one point may not have been available for Windows?). But I’m not that familiar with it, so I’m not clear on what exactly this update means for us.


Hey @miker - Your specific issue is probably not completely solved by it. You’ll probably see performance improvements but as Tommy says, if you need, please drop a line in your open ticket.

@Gary - you get Apple ProRes and DNxHR decoding out of the box. You should be good to go, let us know if there’s issues you run across!



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Hi, Kevin!

Thanks for the 7.6 - it is really great release with the prores support and we also noticed faster start times and loading/caching media.

Still, ther’s a couple of things that popped out:

sgtk_1.3 issue
If you happend to install RV to a custom folder (for example, we keep ours in C:\tools\RV) you won’ t be able to start Shogtun Review Initializing and that’s a stopper for us.

Trying to fix that we’ve figured out that in order to make SG review work you have to have source files in the exact default folder, which is C:\Program Files\Shotgun\RV-7.6.0\src .

loading bars won’t get to their 100% state
This particular issue was reported by me twise (at least) back when the previous versions of RV was released. Now it’s striking back:

As you start SG browser and Details pane you will see loading bars on top of each panel indicating loading progress which will stuck and stays like this.

Both issues has been reported in this ticket

And anohter one (not critical, but still) is about strange highlight color of the main menu (originally appeared in 7.5.1):

Best regards!


Hey there, RV team! Anything about thouse issues? Anybody?..

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Hey @Alexey_Borzykh! Apologies, we missed your reply but I’ve flagged it to get some :eyes: on it.

Hi, Johnny! Ok, great! Looking forward for the hot fix :slight_smile:

Hey Alexey,

I’ve reported the issues to our internal dev team and the issues are now in the backlog.

As for the sgtk version, as far as I know we’ve bundled an sgtk version with RV for as long as SG Review existed. We’ve had to update it to v 1.3.0 to fix an issue in SG Review in RV 7.5.1, but there’s a potential we broke the bundle cache somewhere.



Hi, Alexa,

Thanks for the info!
Looking forward for the hot fix release to polish thouse bumps.