:rv: RV 7.5.0 is Released! :rv:

:tada: :rv: RV 7.5.0 is Released! :rv: :tada:

This release targets the VFX Reference platform by upgrading several of our underlying libraries. Most notably, RV is now built on Qt 5.12.

In the process, we’ve also simplified a few things.
The SDI card capability is built into every version of RV. We no longer have two different applications. We haven’t removed any functionality, we simply merged both programs into one.

We have also removed the 64 from the name on MacOS. We haven’t made a 32-bit version of RV in quite some time, so it seemed right to remove that. As of RV 7.5.0, it will simply be called RV.

Default caching settings are now improved to give you better performance out of the box. If you have already set caching settings in a prior version of RV, it will respect your old settings.

You can download RV either from your Shotgun site’s Apps menu, or directly at www.tweaksoftware.com/downloads .

For full release notes, check out our release notes page here:


Are you building a custom version of python2.7 to get pyside2/qt5.12 to work on windows or is this working with the standard python release?



We do build a custom version of Python and Pyside2 on Windows. If that’s something you are looking to do, one easy way to bootstrap is to just use our python interpreter.

In the bin directory, you can find py-interp, which is our python interpreter as a standalone executable. If you point a path to use that for it’s #! line, it might be an easy way to run your scripts with RV’s python and Pyside2.


It’d be great to have the RV package signed to avoid SmartScreen issues when installing :smile: :rv:


We hear you! Code signing is on our internal backlog and we want it too. It all comes down to priority. While we know this causes a hiccup on install, as well as having other benefits, we hope you’ll agree that we’ve put our efforts where it counts! At least for OSX, it is a bit more complicated for a legacy application like RV to conform, so it isn’t as simple a just running it through the codesign app, but we recognize it is important. :+1:


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This is a really great release, I know I’m on this side of the fence, but the improvement that QT5 has brought to Screening Room is amazing!