Mio_ffmpeg on RV 7.5.0

Has anything changed with the mio_ffmpeg plugin files? We have a standard update that replaces those compiled libraries to allow access to our licensed codecs but we’ve noticed that RV 7.5 has an extra mio-ffmpeg file in the plugins directory (mio_ffmpeg.ilk). RV also seems to crash after we replace those files.
Thanks for your help and let me know if this should be it’s own post.

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Hi Jase,

I’ve gone ahead and moved this to a new thread.

There’s a lot under the hood that has changed, mostly motivated by getting up to a modern standard though we haven’t yet updated ffmpeg itself.

When you override our mio_ffmpeg, are you recompiling it, or are you just copying your old version forward? RV 7.5.0 is built with C++14 and associated library updates. If you are copying it from an old version rather than compiling it for RV 7.5.0, you are likely running into ABI incompatibilities.

Check out the src/mio_ffmpeg/ directory inside your RV install and that’ll help you compile it from source. You can make your edits to represent the licenses you own by reading and following the README file in there.


Got it. Yeah, that’s what I was asking. We’ve been able to carry our old compiled versions forward before.
Unfortunately I’m having some trouble getting them to compile this time around. Running into errors with packages not being linked.
Error 1 error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘boost_system-vc120-mt-1_56.lib’ C:\Program Files\Shotgun\RV-7.5.0\src\mio_ffmpeg\LINK mio_ffmpeg

After manually adding that package via PM in VS2013 I got another package error related to boost_. After doing that a few times and adding each package that had an error I ended up with a TON of errors.
Maybe it has something to do with the version of C++ that it’s trying to compile with?


Yeah, Visual Sutdio 2013 is going to be more the old era. I believe RV 7.5.0 is compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. (Yeah, it was a big jump! RV is modern now!)


I’ve been trying this with VS 2017 and having the same problems.
When I open the solution file in \src in 2015 it opens fine but then I was having those problems with package dependencies.
If I open in 2017 or 2019 I get a ton of errors unless I retarget and update the Windows API’s. Then after that I still get the problems in linking those packages.

This is the one big thing holding us back from updating all our RV plugins to the new version but if we can’t figure this out then we’re stuck on the old one forever. :frowning:

Is it possible that the solution file provided in src is not the most updated one? The readme and everything in there seems to imply it’s still the old 2015 version of the solution file and from what you’re saying that might not be the one that’s being used now.

Thanks for you help!

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Exact same problem as Jase_Lindgren here… the boost-system files are looking for v120 when v141 is included, but retargeting and compiling on 2017 creates several new errors. Any news on this?




Hi Mark,

We’ve identified that the mio_ffmpeg plugin is not yet up to date with the new compile stack. We’ve added this to our backlog and we will include a note in our release notes when it is resolved.

If recompiling the mio_ffmpeg plugin is crucial to your workflow, we suggest remaining on the 7.3.4 release until either the codec you need is precompiled, or we update the project.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

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