Can't really use RV because of a ffmpeg error?


I’m very non-tech savvy when it comes to these things, but I keep getting an error whenever I try to export a sequence as an mp4 or mov. I posted here and reached out to support in the past, but I found nothing. I would hate to have paid so much for a software that just won’t work, especially because it all was working properly when I first got it. This has happened in v2021, v2022 and also v2020.3 latest. The error I get is this:


I would appreciate any and all help on this matter. Thank you

Seems like that build of RV may not include ffmpeg libraries?
Could you confirm if the mio_ffmpeg.dll file exists?

Do you have the MSVC redistributables installed on your computer? It’s a set of extra windows DLLs that should have been installed while installing RV using the installer.

You can go grab them here (from this Microsoft page)


Seconding geffrak’s suggestion. This error means that a dependency of mio_ffmpeg.dll is missing.
If installing msvc does not help, you can use the Dependency walker program to figure out what library is missing.

Hi! thanks everyone for chiming in.

I’ve downloaded those MSVC redistributables before. At install I just chose repair since they were already installed, but I still have the same issue,

The file mio_ffmpeg.dll among others is and has always been there (852kb) both inside the plugins/MovieFormats folder and there are some other files under src/mio_ffmpeg.

@mmoshev I tried to use the dependency walker, I get several errors:

Not sure what to do with that information. Similarly, I used another software mentioned here to look for dependencies but that one won’t give me errors

I think you specifically need msvcp140 (i.e. version 140), don’t remember the details of obtaining it, but it is on
I believe it comes from Visual Studio 2015.

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