RV error ffmpeg URGENT


Im having an issue with our supervisor being unable to review shots in high resolution. We have a folder set up in his PC with the high res QT and the “path to movie” set up, but its giving him these errors. We are thinking it might be missing ffmpeg plugins, but if so, we don’t know where to get the installer from. The environment variables he has are exactly the same one as users who’s system is working, and all other users (Mac and Windows) are using this system just fine.

Do the dlls mentioned in the error message exist at these paths?

If they do, then they cannot be loaded due to missing dependencies, most likely.
You can use the Dependencies program to figure out what is missing. It could be that their machine is missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable updates. You’d have to hunt down the correct version to install.

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This looks like a dependency issue as mentioned by Mois.
Have your supervisor used the msi installer to install RV 2022 ? Or the zip ?
I would recommend using the msi installer as it might resolve this seemingly dependency issue.

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Hi mmoshev! I didnt check the dlls are there, so I will try that, the dependencies will come in handy.
Im hoping I can compare his system’s folder structure with mine (since my RV works) and copy any missing dlls or files into his.
I’ll compare my version of Microsoft C++ with his too.
Thank you so much for the help, I will let you know the result as soon as I get it.

Hi Bernie! We used the “rv-win64-x86-64-2022.0.0.msi” installer, so at least we can check that out. I will look into the dlls files and see if that resolves it, i’ll get back to you guys as soon as I can get ahold of the supervisor.

Thank you!

Also make sure the actual .dll exists and is not of 0 size; in at least one case when supporting RV I saw someone who had a copy failure outside of the control of any specific install and some files were missing. Try reinstalling (and make sure the user has enough disk space to do so).

Copy that Michael, thank you!

@mmoshev @Michael.Kessler @bernie It looks like he isn’t missing the mio_ffmpeg files, so I will try looking into the microsoft visual C++. Ive submitted a ticket with Shotgrid support also to see if they got any ideas.

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Two possibilities otoh:

  • mio_ffmpeg.dll itself has unmet dependencies - check it with Dependencies
  • mio_ffmpeg.dll is not in $PATH - try checking the environment inside RV
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