RV 7.6 Error when swapping shotgun media

Hi since RV version 7.6 when swapping media from Movie to Frames, or Streaming, going back to the movie media always fails with the following error:
ERROR: Open of ‘/Path/To/Movie/movie.mov’ failed: unsupported media type.

Worth nothing that the first time it opens it plays totally fine the mov (which is in H264), however when going back to it after playing the streaming or the frames media, is when this error occurs.

Playing the mov directly from disk is totally fine. Tested on Linux and Mac OS.
Tested RV 7.5 and 7.3.1 and works totally fine.

Is this a known bug? Thanks!

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Hi @macbeth,

Thanks for spotting the issue and reporting to us. I’ve reproduced it successfully on my RV 7.6. Let me ping the RV team and get some attention on it.



Just to pitch in, I am also noticing this issue, and I am seeing it with DNxHD movs
Works on 7.2.2 but not 7.6.0


This issue will be fixed in the upcoming RV 7.6.1.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for reporting it!