Plans for H265 / HEVC support in RV?

Hello, curious if there are plans to support H265 / HEVC playback from RV / Create.


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Thanks for writing in! Great to hear from you! There are not immediate plans for supporting H.265 / HEVC in either RV or Create. We are collecting feedback on this and evaluating the costs associated to it. I’ll add your note to the feedback we’ve received about this. If this moves into our roadmap we’ll do our best to update the roadmap with this info.

If you have further details that could be useful to us as we collect info, definitely leave me a note here and I’ll add it to this info! Are you using this internally as your review proxy?

All the best!

Hi Kevin,

Support for H265 is a vital feature for us. The crazy thing is RV-4 has support for H265 ! And it’s 6 years old !

I vaguely remember that at some point RV did not support H264, but there was some way to re-compile the ffmpeg dll with H264 support enabled or something like.

Does it ring a bell ? Could it work with rv-2021 ?


Okay I found the instructions to recompile in <install_root>/src/mio_ffmpeg
Then follow the instructions in the README (I used Visual Studio 2017 Community)

And voilà ! Nice “custom” mio_ffmpeg library with extra codecs activated !



ha! this is great, going to do the same. nice you dug down into it to check. seems simple enough.