RV 7.6.1 is released!

V 7.6.1 is released!

We’re excited to announce another important update for RV!

This time it is a small set of bug fixes and a couple of improvements. The first is that RV 7.6.1 is now signed on both Windows and Mac OS. It is also notarized on Mac OS. This should ensure support for Catalina.

The other is Source tiling support which can now be enabled in RV by setting the environment variable RV_SOURCE_TILING=1. Source tiling allows better support of very large resolution still frames. Enabling this mode will allow for pixel accuracy on any image resolution without applying any filtering if inspected at 1:1 zoom ratio.

For more information on bug fixes you can find the full release notes here.

You can download RV from your Apps menu on your Shotgun site or directly from this link .

Until next time,
The Shotgun Team


Hi! How can I download this version. well, previous versions in general. I can only find places to download the current version and one before.