Anyone looking for part-time remote Shotgun support?

Hi community,

Post here to let you know that as a former member of Shotgun Support team, I’m now available for studios who need Shotgun support or consultant remotely.

My focus when I was on Shotgun street team is to help clients to fully understand all the feature of Shotgun and better tailor it into the production workflow of all types of creative production projects. Even though not a scripting role, I do assist clients in learning and applying all the UI feature to their daily work, including but not limited to customizing project, entities, page, building up customized and optimized project layouts, better managing user permissions…etc.

Feel free to email to and we could have further talk of your needs.



I can heartily recommend @Ben_xzj for any studios needing help getting up and running, or rebooting/retooling your Shotgun setup. He knows :shotgun: and digital production well, and is great at making the two fit together seamlessly. :slight_smile: Thanks for being a resource for the community @Ben_xzj !


A big +1 for what Tommy has said here, Ben not only knows Shotgun but understands global production practices and is a joy to work with. Best of luck @Ben_xzj


I worked with Ben both production-side and when he moved over to Shotgun while I was living in Beijing, can confirm, he’s very good! And a lovely guy to boot!


Thanks for your endorsement, Andrew.


Much appreciated for your kind words and promotion. It’s been a honor to work with you and support you using Shotgun in your production. Look forward to crossing path with you in the future.


Bump it up for more exposure. Thanks. /Ben


Bring it up!

:smiley: Bring it up.

Ive sent you an email, may be able to work together on things.

bounce it up again!can be part-time support or fully remote role.