Learning Shotgun on your own

…is hard! Shotgun is, first and foremost, a collaborative tool, so learning it on your own can be challenging. So why not connect with other members of the community who may be doing the same thing! Let’s use this forum as a matchmaker - get a small group of new friends together, and practice using the remote collaboration features in Shotgun together.

Assuming you are approaching SG from a production management mindset, I highly recommend everyone start by watching the Producer Training video series. This is a master class in itself, and these concise-but-thorough videos will have you feeling much more confident in a very short time.

For artists, check out our new artist platform, Shotgun Create. This was built specifically for artists and creative leads as a one-stop-shop to get Tasks, submit work for review, and give feedback quickly and efficiently. We have a bunch of short, helpful intro videos, as well as full documentation to help you get up and running quickly.

For a more technical approach, check out our developer docs. Lots of deep technical documentation, API references, and links to videos and other materials to learn more about our Toolkit integration platform, among many other useful topics. There is also a series of Developer training videos on our YouTube channel, to help you get a complete picture of the development environment around Shotgun.

You will find many other resources on Shotgun’s YouTube channel, as well as our Support Site.

Beyond all that, please reply to this thread with any questions, clarifications, or requests for additional content!