Forum Friday | Responding to COVID-19

Hello there :shotgun: community-it’s time for this month’s Forum Friday!

With the uptick in global disruption from COVID-19 and productions continuing forward, let’s jump right in.

The team has been pulling together work-from-home (#wfh) resources, best practices, and tips & tricks:

Last, it’s important to practice a little self care in these trying times. Here are a few ideas that have been circulating the team:

  • Take an on demand yoga class with Corepower Yoga
  • Scribd is offering access to their ebook, audiobook, and magazine library
  • Mindfulness company Ten Percent Happier pushed out a handy Coronavirus Sanity Guide and hosts a daily five-minute meditation at 3PM ET every weekday
  • Take a free online Ivy League course on Class Central
  • Gifs of kittens and puppies (see below)

Thanks to everyone who has helped pull together resources, jumped into the discussion, and the community as a whole for offering up solutions to ever shifting dynamics!

For those new to Forum Friday…

Forum Friday is a day where members of the Shotgun Team will be posting in the forums all day, ready to answer your questions, and talk Shotgun. Think of it as an “Ask Me Anything” session with our team and other members of the SG Community.

When: Friday, March 27, 2020
Starting: Friday 5PM PST (Friday 12AM UTC)
Ending: Friday 5PM PST (Saturday 12AM UTC)
Where: Here!
Who: Anyone and everyone!

If you’re new to the community and not sure where to start, come say hi in our introductions thread!

Stay safe, stay healthy! :rocket:


To those of you that don’t have any people or pets to share your space with during your isolation time, @Jessica shared this with me today, and it has totally lifted my spirits. It’s been wonderful to check in on the puppies when I need a break and see how they are doing. Lots of good laughs too, because, puppies playing and puppy cuddle puddles - what’s better than that?

:heartpulse: :guide_dog:


Working remotely and sick of using Teamviewer or Remote Desktop? Checkout Parsec, works great with pretty much everything, was built for low latency remote gaming, but works really well for VFX post work at 60fps. See also this post with many forum users having great success with it.

It’s free and there is a paid version for larger teams, just makes remote working just a little bit slicker. #not-an-add :slight_smile:


Hey guys,

I decided to share with you a link to the GOOD NEWS :yellow_heart: as there is a lot of negative happening around us these days and it might be tricky to stay positive and focus. So instead of following mainly all the negative things coming from the media, try to also find some positive things to keep you going!

Stay safe! :sun_with_face:


That’s a wrap, folks!

We’ll keep adding to the #wfh resources as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you next time!


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There is also NoMachine, which is listed as a secure remote desktop solution in the VES COVID-19 WFH best practices document. It also has a free version.