Remote work VDI

Hi colleagues,

If you are in need of remote work with 3D/OpenGL/DirectX intensive software:

I’ve been using Parsec since 2018, originally oriented to remote VDI gaming, works with my 3D apps and it has been flawless for the most part. Used to be completely free to use, and still is for now.

Anyways, so far of all the VDI options out there, this has been the most stable, fast and reliable one I’ve experienced while using intense OpenGL/DirectX.

And now they ofer API integration.
Maybe it is useful for you and your peers, I use it almost every day.


Hi @Xavier,

Thanks for the info! I personally use Parsec to play games with a friend overseas and it works great, never though of doing something productive with it! I’ll post this to the rest of our team too.



Also, if you use hp workstations, you have a free license for using hp rgs which supports multiple screens with very low latency.


Can anyone confirm if RV works through Parsec?


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Hey @Stewart—while we haven’t done comprehensive testing, @DavidMason gave it a try earlier and was successful. Let us know if you try it out! :pray:

I’ve been using parsec since mid 2018, and at that time they published more info on it’s tech: as far as I remember it uses the H264/5 hardware to network encoder that most modern video cards have embedded in the core. Their tech is not the visual encoding, is the network punching, since it does some tricks regarding TCP/UDP.
It has been very reliable for me and I can get it running pretty much anywhere.
It should work with RV.
Keep in mind that Parsec is latency-solving oriented, not image quality/color accuracy oriented.
So I don’t think it will be reliable as per color matching/grading stuff, but for every day cases of work and review, it should do the trick very well.

Hey @Stewart,

I tested a bit with RV between my mac and PC and it worked great as far as I tested, the monitor profile was the only thing that was a little off, but I’m sure I could calibrate it to be a perfect match.


Parsec works great indeed.
I would recommend HP RGS though over Parsec purely because it’s made for exactly our use case (also supports multiple monitors).
You do need a VPN though, however if you don’t have such advanced firewal’s with build in vpn it also works over Hamachi.


Hey @Ricardo_Musch,

Have you had a chance to test RV with HP RGS? Were trying to catalogue the success of various methods of using RV remotely, HP RGS looks great if it plays nice with RV. RV is not a huge fan of virtual drivers/device managers/ VNC’s, I’ll try and test this week, but if you report that it works well for you I’m happy!


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Works fine!
No trouble whatsoever!


HP RGS works with everything!

At least, I’ve used it extensively for VFX work for several years and never had an issue.

It’s also FAST, and not too expensive if you require a license (as mentioned above, it is FREE if the sending machine is HP).

Only footnote; it is P2P so requires a VPN tunnel.

Other software I’ve used with great success; AnyDesk. This is a great app which is cheap (FREE for non-commercial use), only 3mb in size, and provides it’s own tunnel.


Thought I’d mention this here.

As far as tech resource go, here’s a neat doc by the VES with resources, tips and best practices for setting up facilities:

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