RV not starting while using Remote desktop

i could not find a solution so far, so i need help!

with the latest version of windows and any version of RV from 7.2.6 to 7.3.3, i have a weird issue.
RV would NOT start if i use the computer in Remote Desktop, but it would start if i use the computer directly logged.
So there might be something about RDP and RV going in conflict?
i tried some things like compatibility, administrator and such, so i am very open to advices :slight_smile: thanks a lot


Hi Valerio,

Part of the playback engine in RV requires an active connection to a physical display. RV is not supported when using a virtualized monitor. It needs this to establish the algorithm to handle the frame timing.

We have an internal feature request to support virtualized monitors (even if it would be a reduced accuracy mode), to help people doing frame checks over remote desktop sessions.
I’ve added a reference to this topic to that internal ticket for tracking.



thanks for your reply.
Sorry i might be dumb but i dont see any link or reference… :frowning:

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Hey @Valerio_De_Cataldo—the ref link @Michael.Kessler was mentioning is something we use for internal tracking, so you didn’t miss anything. :slight_smile:


okay thanks, first time i use the forum… yet things are unclear, is it going to be added as feature to use RV over RDP, or is it a feature that i have to activate somehwere?
Thanks a lot for the help already :slight_smile:


I think @Michael.Kessler meant that this is something that RV doesn’t currently support and that we hope to do so in the future, but there’s no timeline for releasing.

Did I hear you right, @Michael.Kessler?


Yeah; sorry that’s my bad. I meant to say that so you knew it wasn’t just going into the ether, but it seems like I made it worse :slight_smile:

It is tracked internally, and I’ve put a link to this forum on the internal ticket, but there’s not currently a public view on that.

It still needs to go through consideration before it is scheduled or designed, so unfortunately I don’t have those specific answers.



OK thanks for the infos… It is strange as on some other computer it works via remote desktop. So we could not figure out what was wrong…
Cant wait to receive more news :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Hi Valerio!

RV requires the ability to query and communicate with the display to establish its rendering pattern. If your Remote Desktop is opening a virtualized session rather than connecting to a live session then it would be a virtualized monitor, which RV does not currently support.

If you can have the target machine have an active session with the monitor and then connect to the active session, it may, however, work.

This might be the differences that you’re seeing in some working sessions.

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