Trouble with synced sessions over vpn

Hi all,

we are trying to get RV sync going via VPN between windows and linux.
We have the path swapping in place but as seeing a couple of puzzling issues:

  • A network connection only succeeds if instigated via the linux machine. When the windows used tried to connect nothing happens on the linux side and the windows user eventually sees a “connection refused” error.
  • Once a connection has been established, only the window user can successfully push the session, when the linux user tried nothing happens on either machine

So the only way to get it to work is if the linux side established the network connection, followed by the windows user pushing the session.

Does anybody have any ideas or should I log a support ticket?



Hey Frank,

Please go ahead and log a support ticket. We’d love to have more information but I don’t think it’s appropriate for a public post.


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will do, thanks