RV over Remote Sessions

Hey RV Users!

We’re getting a lot of questions here and through support about configuring RV so that it runs properly as people are transitioning to a remote workforce.

See these threads for some examples…

We’re looking for information on the configurations people are trying, what’s working and where there are problems?

We have a bunch of questions like:

  • Are you using hardware based solutions, or software configurations? For example are you using HP Remote, RDP, Teradici?
  • Are you connecting multiple users to one server, or 1-1 to their hardware back onsite?

Any info you can provide will help us find solutions to get these workflows unblocked.

If you’re not comfortable reaching out in a public forum please hit us up through our support channel (support@shotgunsoftware.com) and we’ll chat on the support lines.

We would love to help out here and if we can unblock solutions to get people up and running more quickly we’re going to try to help out.

The RV Team