Windows IT Gurus; RDP settings with Geforce card on host? RV fails to launch, intel onboard succeeds

Anyone ever get RV to launch via RDP on Windows 10 with a geforce card? It launches fine on Intel onboard. If anyone has a workflow for this, could please share the secret sauce?

If not, could I ask you fine folks at RV to apply your big brains to this?
There’s an unprecedented level of demand for good remote workflow worldwide at the moment and this could really help a lot of people.




Hey Mark,

Could you please submit a support ticket with us? We’d love to see your specific configuration and it’s probably not appropriate for a public forum like this.

Please email

Could you please send us your GeForce details and your RDP details?


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Hello Mark,

We were able to reproduce your RemoteDesktop+GeForce RV launch issue and after investigation we found that NVidia limits OpenGL over RDP for their non professional grade GPUs.

On the GeForce system, using GPU-Z, I could see that OpenGL was limited to 1.1 via RDP.

Whereas on a professional grade GPU (a Quadro P5000 for example) GPU-Z shows me OpenGL 4.6 and RV launches no problem.

As a work around, I used VNC and it worked: I was able to launch RV remotely on the GeForce machine and GPU-Z showed me OpenGL 4.6.

I used tightvnc as is it a free (GPL) VNC server:

I installed tightvnc inside a RemoteDesktop session and then connected to the machine via a VNC client and RV launched.

I hope this helps.