Syncing more than 2 RV not working

Hi everyone,
I’m new in this community. I’m seeking some guidance on how to Sync RV for more than 2 users.

We extensively use RV for our dailies and since now everyone is working remotely it would be fantastic to use the Sync functionality.

Sync works perfectly if there are only 2 users in a session but as soon as we add a 3rd one the timeline goes crazy, it keeps bouncing from one frame to the other and it’s extremely slow to respond to controls.
We tried disabling all the options in the Sync menu but it didn’t help.

We are hoping to be able to connect quite a few people at the same time.
RV is installed in the machines in our office that we access remotely so they are all in the same network.

Could you offer some suggestions on how to fix this?

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Alessandro,

Which version of RV are you currently using?


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Hello Alessandro,

Sounds like an issue that we fixed in RV 2021.0.2.

That being said, you should check out the new RV Live Review: Link to Documentation
It greatly simplifies the process of synching multiple RVs together for a collaborative review session. It’s like Zoom for RV.


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Hi compagna,
I forgot to mention it.

We use RV 7.8.0 we have a big pipeline and at this moment updating RV to a newer version is not an option unfortunately.

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Hi Bernie,

we use RV 7.8.0 and RV Live Review is not available for that version.

That’s why we’re trying to make Sync work

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Hi Alessandro,

You can create a support request here. The support team has RV experts that might be able to help.


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I’ve tried contacting support but I cannot do it myself, I need to do it trough our software admins and I can see this taking sometimes.

In the meantime I’ll try testing anything else that comes to mind.