Comparing versions broken in RV 2022.3.0? (not in sync anymore)

Hi everyone,

Since the update of RV 2022.3.0 it looks like we can’t sync ( timeline ) versions together, especially if they have a different frame range. It behaves like it the align start frame option is always true.

In other words, if you have two versions that you want to compare ( with tile or over layout)

The frame range of A is 1001 - 1050 and the frame range of B is 990 - 1060
In the previous RV version, both clips will be synced by default on the same frame number, which will allow you to compare frame 1001 of A with frame 1001 of B.

Since RV 2022.3.0, if you compare A vs B, it will always compare frame 1001 of A to frame 990 of B. Which is not very useful for comparing.

How can I get back to the previous behavior?

I have noticed that there is a “switchgroup” per clip that got created in the input list, which was not the case in the previous version. Is this new entity the cause of the problem?