Is it possible to gang 2 Versions together to for frame-by-frame comparisons?

Trying to compare Versions frame-by-frame in ShotGrid in the (for lack of a name) pop-up player you get from clicking a Version thumbnail.

By default if you toggle between Versions, the just-loaded version stubbornly starts on the first frame of video. If you advance to the next Version (arrow buttons at top) and return again to the prior version, the frame fanatically resets, to 1 again.

It would be preferable if the player remembered the last frame where it left off so you can compare.

But on second thought, would be better still if there were a way to gang two Versions together and watch them (either simultaneously or one-by-one toggling back and forth) to compare frames.

Is anything like this possible?


Yes, you can do this in RV or SG Create. Not within the browser. My rec would be to download RV and use a versions page (in the browser) to right click two versions and select “Compare in RV”. Other ways to do this include learning how to use SG Create (which I don’t actually recommend) or using the SG integration in RV - which is fine just requires you know a little more about RV.

Good luck!


@Cameron Thanks. I don’t know if I can convince the users here to work outside the browser, but I appreciate knowing the limitation.