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With the remote pipeline, I’m aware the 2x2, or side-by-side comparison is possible in RV. With the remote, WFH pipeline RV utilization isn’t quite possible without reference to the source files. Downloading the files and replicating the filepath isn’t a solution that is conducive to our security protocols or really an efficient solution in our case.

Is there any way to have a 2x2 / side-by-side comparison setup in the in-browser screening room app?

If not, are there any alternatives within Shotgun that can pull it off?


-Phil F


Hi @PhilFranjo,

One solution that comes to mind first would be using flags on versions to quickly compare versions with the source. Here’s more information on how you can achieve this:

Another option is to use two browser windows to compare the versions (in the overlay player).

RV also has the supports streaming media from the web—so if you’re using Screening Room for RV, you can use the combination of comparison capabilities and flags to compliment each other.

Also, you can playback proxy streamable media with Shotgun Create, so this may be worth you exploring. Check out this video on how to compare work using Shotgun Create. If you’re interested in learning more, you can see the full Shotgun Create Workflows playlist here.

If you’re looking for more specific comparison functionality in the Screening Room browser, definitely share your idea with our Product Team via our public roadmap:



Hi Shayna! I appreciate the fast response.

It looks like Shotgun Create’s compare feature is the valid solution for now, but I’ll continue looking into screening room/RV with the documents you provided.


-Phil F


Excellent, let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

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