Trouble Selecting "Compare in RV"

Hi there,

I’m having trouble selecting the Compare in RV in the preview window on SG in the browser. Any tips or tricks? Thank you as always :slight_smile:

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Have you selected multiple versions?

I would think “compare” is only available when multiple versions are selected.

Thanks for your response! Was hoping this would work @Ricardo_Musch , but no luck. I reckon it could be a linking issue with the media? or maybe something with my RV? but either way, doesn’t seem to be an issue of selecting multiple versions…

I’m not entirely sure then, do both versions have registered media (path to frames/movie)?

I’d get a ticket to Autodesk going if you don’t find out whats wrong.
They may be able to tell you why a button greys out, there must be a reason why it’s greyed out, it’s likely expecting some conditions to be met.

Hard to see what your selection is as the window hides it, but I’m not sure you can do it from there.

I always do it from versions list and compare works fine there.

Hi, I was able to solve this by using the SG integration in RV. Compare works great there. Thanks!