Screening Room - Swap Into Sequence suddenly missing

Hi, in screening room (from RV) there used to be a an option to swap a version from the related version list into the current screening room sequence. It was in the dropdown when right-clicking another version. Now we only see Replace, Compare with current and Flag Selected.
It was really helpful when reviewing stuff in context to swap in very old versions.

Could that feature be readded again?


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Hi Nico,

Thanks for reporting this. It was indeed a regression based on the asynchronous change to screening room. It has already made its way off to our engineering team and they have a fix produced that is under testing. We anticipate a resolution soon, but I don’t have an exact date yet.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience!



If you guys are looking at this part of Screening Room my number 1 “small annoying thing” is the lack of “Add Selected” option on the right-click menu. This would just add the selected version(s) to the timeline without replacing what is already there. Ideally it would be available from both the main screening room panel and from the “Related Versions” context menu


Yay, “Swap into Sequence” is back. Thanks a lot guys.