Screening Room sorted out by Order in Task Template

Hi. In the production where I work, my Director usually wants to see the latest videos of the current process but sometimes we upload layout videos after sending Animation Version Videos. That is because we adopted Shotgun after we finished Layout off-the-Pipeline and this annoys the Producers and the Director because that keeps them from seeing the latest videos (And they don’t want to learn to use filters or the layers in the timeline (It confuses them) but we can’t skip uploading those layout videos because the other processes need them.

Is there a way to change the query that sorts what are the latest videos (Versions) that Screening Room shows at the top of the timeline? I was thinking to change it to the highest Sort Order Number in the Task Template.

alternatively, can you guys think of a filter that works something like:

IF animation version exists of a shot, show latests version of animation
IF NOT, show latest Layout version.

Thank you in advance. Any advice would help.

Hey @Luis_Bolan,

For Screening Room, I’m not sure if there’s a global way of adjusting the sort order of the media without going into the filter options. And even then it’s per-user, as far as I know. I’d say it’s a feature request to expand our Shotgun Integration package to give more flexibility for fallback programmability.

Meanwhile, if you’d like a hacky way to get this done, you can abuse Screening Room’s local storage to save settings. So here’s how to do it:

  1. Open up Screening Room, set up your filters the way you want to.
  2. Exit RV.
  3. Navigate to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Local\TweakSoftware\RV\cache\QtWebEngine\Default\ . You should have something like https_mysite.shotgunstudio.com_0.localstorage . (Grab the latest one).
  4. Now you can copy it across machines to other users, in the same directory. This will replace whatever settings they have saved in Screening Room and will automatically populate the filters for them without having to re-set up the filters every time.

So if your Director doesn’t want to set up filters themselves, you can set up those filters. You can set up filters via this menu:

You can also click the magnifying glass and omit any of the departments that shouldn’t show up.

You might run into limitations as to the complexity of the pipeline step fallback though.

Hope this helps and good luck!



Thanks. I guess we better learn from our mistakes and use SG in the way it was suppoused to.